December 26, 2019

MVP Launched


Built flare over 8 months and integrated in my own stores. Many site owners pour their time and budget into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of their pages but forget a critical but simple first step: Ensure a way to inform Google, Bing, and other major engines. Instead of waiting for Google and Bing to find website pages, new machine-learning eCommerce bots like flare can proactively and verifiably push site updates to major search engines. These bots can map websites in a few minutes and push update notifications to Google and Bing daily. Unlike prior technologies, the new bots can verify Google and Bing have received the updates. It is like sending a certified mail instead of an un-verifiable mail drop-off.

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    That is a really good idea. How many clients do you have so far?

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      Thank you, we just launched. We are inviting early adopters with an exclusive offer