October 24, 2019

We decided to try Hashnode.com!


Recently we discovered a new platform for developers! We published our first article there. Here is the link to the article https://flatlogic.hashnode.dev/top-7-bootstrap-admin-dashboard-templates-ck24hgpx200bppes1icck3doi
We already posted on Medium and think that this is a fabulous project. Now we have a new opportunity. We will write here soon how it will go.

Today's Top Milestones
  • I just launched Multy on Product Hunt
    Scary isn't it ? I don't know what to expect because it's the first time I do that, and to be honest I don't expect much more than feedback. Which wil
  • Trending on Betalist.com & 100+ waitlist signups!
    3 days ago things.morflax.com was featured in betalist.com and now it is in the trending section. We reached more than 100 waitlist subscribers. 50+ s