October 11, 2019

Dwaiter Releases Flauntly Landing Page Builder


Rochester, N.Y.: Dwaiter on this day, officially released the first full version of Flauntly, an app that allows marketers and other users to build high-quality landing pages quickly and easily — without coding skills. While other landing page builders have a steep learning curve, with Flauntly it’s possible to create custom and effective landing pages in minutes.

Flauntly reflows, reorganizes and resizes content for optimum viewing on desktops, tablets or smartphones. The app also allows users to add scripts from email management systems such as MailChimp and Constant Contact, and Google Analytics integration enables tracking and A/B testing.

Three Flauntly plans are now available: Basic (free), Premium and Teams. For more information, go to flauntly.com.

About landing pages: Standalone web pages, also known as landing pages, are the best way to generate leads and boost conversion rates for single, highly focused marketing goals.

About Dumbwaiter Design LLC: Launched in 2005, Dwaiter is an award-winning design and technology studio in Rochester, N.Y. It has built websites and apps for an array of local, national and international businesses.

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