July 3, 2020

15 stories and now the PH launch

Karthik Sridharan @karthik_2206

Hey Everyone,

Just launched my personal newsletter on Product Hunt. Please do come and say hi :)
Here is the PH Link.

My story

I started my career about 8 years back as an Investment Banker at J.P. Morgan. I worked there for 3 years but that life wasn't for me :/

Ever since, I have been trying my hand at entrepreneurship over the past 4-5 years and feel that I have finally found my calling. I enjoy "going to work" and that continues to bewilder my friends :P

As entrepreneurs, we have about 95% failures and 5% successes (at least in my experience). While we hear about the successes, we often don't hear about the things that went wrong.

Even if we do, they are about the Musks and Jobs of the world. I yearn for real stories I can learn tangible things from. So, about 3 months back, I decided to give it a try myself by sharing the lessons I've learnt as an entrepreneur.

The newsletter

A typical story I share, would include:

  • A theme around a concept of a startup
  • My first-hand experience

I don't give advice but share my stories - each person can then adapt it to their contexts. Advice is rigid, boring and doesn't lend itself across scenarios - hence, un-useful.

To finish my clearly excited monologue, here are a few examples of my past stories/newsletters:

  1. Theme: Failure
  • My first mistake as entrepreneur: Link 1
  1. Theme: Personal story
  • Chasing happiness: Leaving a 100,000-pound job to pursue entrepreneurship: Link 2
  1. Theme: Some success
  • I got 4 new customers and a 10x return by building a side project Link 3
  1. Theme: Community building
  • Step-by-step story of how we built The Remote Clan Link 4

With that, I will be eagerly waiting to answer any questions/comments that you folks have. Vamos!

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