November 12, 2019

Converted 1st client with cold email outreach

Suvansh Bansal @Suvansh_Flexiple

Three months ago, I started with reaching out to a version of the "Ideal" Customer Persona I had prepared based on the 80+ clients Flexiple had.

The first couple of months did not give any results, though, I did refine my definition of the Ideal Customer Persona, the Cold Email Sequence I was using, as well as figured a way to prioritize leads so that my email personalization efforts bore more fruit.

Today, after 3 months of effort, we finally began working on a 4-months long contract project with a US-based Indiehacker who is building his product on the side and had been searching for a ReactJS expert for 7 weeks or so!

Very excited now for the coming 2 months, I plan to double down on my cold email outreach targets and decrease the # of angry replies received (5.25% of all replies).

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