March 26, 2020

Life and origin stories of successful founders

Hrishikesh Pardeshi @hrishikesh1990

So while our team works from home, we are actively indulging in building some cool, creative side-projects which otherwise don't get prioritised. One such amazing initiative we are working on is 'Founders Origin Stories'.

Here's what it comprises -

  1. Researched origin stories of 40+ successful founders of top startups
  2. You can filter and go through founders based on the following:
  • Code/ don't code
  • Gender
  • Started as a side project/ quit their job
  • Age
  • Net worth
  1. We also plan to regularly add new founder stories to the list so that this can be enriched.

Would love to hear your thoughts!

P.S: We are live on Product Hunt today!

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