December 29, 2019

Second payment, 30 users

Geoffrey Royer @Ge0

Our product is growing slowly.

In between, as we are currently two software developers working as a partnership to develop Flexomatic, we made the decision to onboard a Growth Hacker to, let's put it simply, help us grow our starting business.

In a few days, our new comrade talked about our app through social networks to the relevant people (e.g. the ones who already used an app to grab blocks on Amazon Flex rather than the ones who are not used to it).

Even better: he went on Youtube, searching for videos showing Amazon Flex blocks grabbers and commenting about our app.

Meanwhile I have learnt that it is better being sorry than asking for permission: if we do not dare attempting things that might work, we could stay at our level without growing. And I think that this is quite important to onboard non technical people into our project, yet the team has to remain small.

Trust people who can help you grow your product even though they have a different point of view on the question.

Kudoos to Adrien, our lovely Growth Hacker!