December 25, 2019

Re-launched Website


I redid the documentation website of Flipt and migrated to a new domain ( I've been wanting to cleanup the docs and build a 'proper' landing page for awhile but just never made the time. I decided that over the holiday break I was finally going to do it.

I spent several days crafting the 'perfect' UI for a new landing page in Sketch, then spent more time than I'd care to admit to try and covert it to HTML/CSS. This was extremely frustrating as I am no designer/UI dev..

I then went the route of just trying to find a Wordpress theme that I could customize. So I bought one on Themeforest for $50, setup a Wordpress box on Digital Ocean, then realized that I hate Wordpress and never want to use it ever again.

So, I decided to go back to square one. I found a good enough looking Hugo theme. Converted my existing docs to Hugo's format, and haven't looked back. It's not the initial vision that I had in my mind.. but it works for now.

My plan is to update the main page to be more 'landing-like' and start to actually sell commercial licenses of Flipt to businesses.

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