August 18, 2019

Ready for Brand Customers! 99% Sync Stability!

Aaron Ng @aaronykng

Flock is a tool for Twitter power users to do things like search their network for industry experts, leads, see who unfollowed them, and more.

Since it's inception an outsize amount of work has gone into making syncing both fast and stable. This is tricker than it sounds when dealing with a combination of Twitter API Rate Limits and accounts with 100k-900k followers.

I'm so excited that after many weeks of trial and error I have a solution that is both fast and extremely stable. It handles accounts with hundreds of thousands of snapshots that need to be synced in parallel with no trouble at all now. This is important because of all the brands that've expressed interest in signing up.

This also means most of my time developing this side project can now be spent on feature development instead of worrying about sync stability on this data pipeline.