January 3, 2020

Featured on Saas Hub

Andrew Apell @getflookup

Flookup is listed on www.saashub.com, a website that curates software of different kinds, with a particular interest in highlighting alternatives for each software item in their catalogue.
At the end of last year, they sent an email informing me that Flookup would be featured on their website for a few days at the beginning of the year 2020; that began on the 2nd of this month and Flookup currently occupies the number 1 slot amongst the SaaS Tribune Trending Products.
I'm particularly happy about this because I have always wanted to see flookup featured on a blog or website (without my direct input). Whereas SaaSHub doesn't review any products, leaving that activity to the users of the website, the fact that they're featuring Flookup is enough for me at the moment.