February 26, 2020

Got my first customer!

Casey Abbott Payne @CaseyAbbottPayne

I'm focused on doing customer interviews, but I actually have some users inside of a Facebook group (using it as my MVP). I messaged one of my friends in the group to talk to him about his experience with it so far. The conversation went really well. I better understand why he sees value in it and it's probably true for others (I'll find out soon!) When I asked him how much I should charge he said it was worth more than Audible to him (nice! that's $15/month! :D). I'm currently only asking for $9/month (based on feedback from another member) and he signed up on the spot. :)

I actually wasn't planning on charging anyone until the next cohort but I'll be sure to ask everyone when I interview them!

There are 15 members in the group and 7 of them are daily active users. The primary function of the group is accountability and support.

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