April 1, 2020

My First Community Fork

Casey Abbott Payne @CaseyAbbottPayne

I need to figure out how to add images to posts... I'll try at the end and see what happens!

A friend is really excited about helping me with my community building efforts and she asked me what the best way to get started was. I told her that she could join the next 108-day cycle which would start on May 1st. After thinking about it for a day or two she decided that she was going to start her own group like... TOMORROW! (Actually it was in 3 days but... felt like that to me!)

I've been managing my group inside of Facebook, but she doesn't use Facebook so we came up with a way for her to manage it inside of WhatsApp. Two group chats, one for checking in and one for general discussion. She asked me to write up a description and I threw together a quick 800 word "essay" (it's what she called it. lol) She took that and made the description I'm going to try posting below.

Today she sent me some screen shots of the first posts to the group. She decided to make a group for sharing daily art and checking in on life in general.

My goal is to make the community and service I create "open source" in that I'll share all of the systems, principles, and methods I use so people could take it and turn it into their own thing. This is the first time this has happened (I wasn't expecting it so soon!) It's actually inspired me to organize all of my writing and put it on GitHub.

Now I'll try adding some photos...

The Group Description

A sample screenshot from the group

Side note: I had a 3 hour "customer interview" today from someone in my current group who is also excited about starting a group of his own. He actually wanted information about how to evangelize for me. O.O lol

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    awesome! this is great!

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      lol! I knew I forgot something! At least it turned them into links! :D Was missing the exclamation point!


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        of course! i forget all the time.

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