September 2, 2019

MVP completed - time to bring on my first users!

James Baldwin @jwbaldwin

Finally finished my MVP (kind of my second MVP, after feedback). Right on schedule too! Started working on this in December and have since seen it evolve quiet a bit after lots of user input!

Next step is to give it to my users and iterate on their feedback.

Some lessons I learned from before about my product:

  1. Simple, simple, simple - they don't need another application that does everything. They don't want another JIRA. Keeping it to the minimum (what are their teammates doing, and where are they) is all they wanted right now.

  2. Listen to your users, but also, ask the right questions. User feedback is excellent, but it's even better if it answers questions you have about your own product (i.e. "would this feature help you?")

  3. Do what it takes to let you move fast. Whether this is cutting features, or taking the hacky route - getting the product deployed is better than having a better product sitting in your repo.

Excited for what's to come, and no matter what, I've learned a lot in this process!

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