July 13, 2020

5 weeks= $6,201 in revenue (what worked & didn't)

Luca Renga @lucarenga

A bit of backstory

June 8, my brother and I launched https://flowyak.com/.

We both have extensive experience in web design and development as we funded together https://podyak.com/ in 2015 and https://growthyak.com/ last november.

We have noticed that truly talented designers tend to snub templates as a result the competition is numerous, but low-quality.

Doing some basic math, I realized that a template can easily be more profitable than a $10,000 custom website, while requiring less work.

At the same time, we could acquire customers for our main businesses with a negative CAC! (acquiring customers while making a profit, instead of spending valuable dollars).

What we did that worked

Starting from an email list of all growthyak's clients (275 people), I manually emailed 20 of them for 14 days, telling them what we were doing and to share the project with people they know who could be interested.

We have a great relationship with all of them and I personally know the vast majority of our clients.

As a result, they drove the most of our sales, directly and indirectly (meaning word of mouth from customers that they sent us directly).

What didn't work

We shared the templates with the Webflow community, which is made mainly by designer.

We got zero sales from Webflow, maybe because they didn't like the product, maybe because it didn't get enough visibility (about 100 views).

On saturday we launched on PH. while on the outside it could like like a somewhat successful launch with 341 upvotes at the moment of this writing, from the inside it was a flop.

PH brang us 3 sales for a total of $167.

I also tried to use pricing a way to nudge people in the direction I wanted them to go. Being more specific, we offer a basic plan for just the template for $69 and done-for-you setup for $99.

The goal was to direct people to done-for-you setup so that we would be able to guarantee better results, have happier customers and so gain more word of mouth.

It's probably didn't work as we sold almost 4x more basic plan than done-for-you setups.

To close, the vast majority of people that will contact you asking questions and showing interest will make you lose time. We got about 80 "interested customers" that became 6 paying customers.

It is a trend that I see in all businesses I work with. If you are just getting started, don't see that kind of interest as a positive because you will most likely be disappointed.

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