August 5, 2020

Public build begins

Paul @Gargoyle

After tip-toeing around this project for the last 12 months, and dragging it out from the dusty depths of my desk only on rare occasions, I've decided to start a public build to help motivate me to get it into a fully functioning state.

I've spent the last few days revamping the website ( and adding more details about the idea and the roadmap for the first of what I hope are many products.

I've also activated the authentication service. Although there is nothing anyone can do apart from register and visit a "this is your profile" page, each time a new username hits the database, it's going to be a huge kick in the motivationals for me.

I'm committed to getting this first product to the point where someone could actually pay me for the service within the next 2 months.

Lets get coding.