App launch

I’ve noticed that there are many analytics for Twitter on the web and they have relative success. Surprisingly, there is not much competition in this space in the mobile scene. Most mobile apps are actually focused on followers, but not many of them offer analytic insights. That surprised me even more because metrics say that a big majority of Twitter users actually use it on mobile, not through the web. Although, my app is targeting users which are writing a lot on Twitter and are aiming to grow their audience. Since it’s easier for most of the users to write on their laptops, not mobile phones, then perhaps they prefer using Twitter through the web?

In order to gather any insight on this matter, I’ve decided to build a rather simple MVP, to find out.

It took me around 60 hours (~2-3 weeks, since I wasn’t working full time, but only about 2-4 hours per day) to build an MVP version.

read more: https://filippkowalski.com/fly/

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