December 28, 2019

20 MAU

Artem Smirnov @uluhonolulu

We're still in beta so we're not advertising it widely except for an occasional link here and there, and 20 active users is actually a big number for us at this stage.

My Google Ads campaign is not very successful -- the CTR is good (25%), but the number of users getting to the registration step is pretty low. Too small a market I guess, but I still hope to bring the rest through retargeting.

Plan for the New Year: advertize it to Italian learners using the texts we recorded recently.

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    Congrats! I stumbled on your product here on IndieHackers but I noticed one odd thing about your landing page: in the comparison section the products are shown as rows, while I think most of the time the products are shown as columns. This confused me a little, as I was expecting a full column of pluses.