September 9, 2019

1st article published on Medium

Arthur Tkachenko @ArthurTkachenko

The main goal for publishing this article was to create a place, where I explaining what groceristar as a company doing at this moment. We tried different ways to manage our static, aka faker data, related to food. Before we just copy-paste it from one repository into another. It was hard and silly. Also, our interns were confused by the number of our repositories, and how actually strange they connected together. So this article was my try to aim a few targets - give details to my new upcoming team members, promote a bit our code repository and move it into more public space.

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Today's Top Milestones
  • 3000+ Alerts Created, New UI, and More.
    As the site closes in on 300 users, I am starting to learn from them and make the existing features better. As an example, I recently overhauled the U
  • 100 paying customers
    Proxies API( was the most unlikely project that I ever thought would bring me success. The secret this time was doing a pr
  • Launched Botmake 2.0 on Product Hunt 😻
    🚀 New Features - Smart Auto-complete support added. - Bots can ignore small typos and give proper answers - It is now possible to use buttons for ans
  • We pivoted during covid
    After 6 months of business analysis, we decided to part ways with our previous brand, product and mission (Digital Profile). Yes, we started making sa