September 13, 2019

moving away CSV parser script

Arthur Tkachenko @ArthurTkachenko

We have a few people that interested to use our software. They want to import and use some free food datasets that available online. But the first step is to parse that data and convert it to JSON. Then we can pass that data to our generator script, so it can create a JSON file that later can be added to their MVPs.

We created the first version of the CSV parser script. it works for only one case now. But we have complex datasets - so it's time to improve our functionality and actually make it more universal and independent. Yes, again - I'm moving away part of our code. it's important - because it helps our interns to make more impact inside of our code. with this "separation game" interns starts to open more pull requests and apply simple changes more quickly.

Again, the new link to that repository. feel free to star it - means a lot for me.

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