September 13, 2019

We split our code into 2 modules

Arthur Tkachenko @ArthurTkachenko

Our fetch plugin start to look very crazy.

  • Part of our code is just a storage for JSON static files that we collected.
  • Part of our code related to basic methods.
  • Part of our code is separated by projects/repositories/modules, that actually using different JSON files inside.
    When I prepare my articles I decide to make a quick move.
    I'm moving our JSON files into a separated place, creating another npm module that will only return files that we need. By this simple separation, we can remove a big chunk of our files from the fetch repository.

BUT! We start to face a lot of problems. You may be not aware, but ES6 doesn't like JSON files. So when we use RollupJS for bundle our code - it was hard to figure out how actually return json files from our module. Slowly make it work and now it connected to our previous module and return data as we need it.

Btw, this is a new repository for our JSON files!
Feel free to set a star for it. It means a lot to me.

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