September 18, 2019

Committed to project

Ryan Ashcraft @ryanashcraft

I had just given notice at my last job and was looking forward to taking time off from full-time employment. I was planning on taking 2-6 months off and I wanted to start a project to keep me busy.

On June 16, I wrote down a bunch of ideas for iOS apps. I knew I wanted revisit iOS development. The last time I shipped a serious iOS app I had just graduated high school in 2010. A lot has changed since then, and I have learned a lot.

I chose to work on FoodNoms (at that point the name was "Crouton") instead of my other ideas. Even though the food tracking space is highly competitive, I was way more passionate about this idea than all the others.

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Today's Top Milestones
  • Reached $2000 MRR
    Well that happened faster than I thought it would. I think there's a lot of truth to the adage that "the first X customers are the hardest to earn". I
  • First paying customers
    Today we got our first paying customer, it's actually two of them and it's a great feeling! If you think about it it's actually absurd, we managed to
  • My first viral LinkedIn post
    Two weeks ago, I launched an invite-only, recruiter-free network for IT contractors and hirers. To announce the launch, I share
  • Site Speed and Performance Improved
    Since, we have added around 120 articles with good content and pages, we have seen some lagging in page loading speed and it blocking us in rank impro
  • Live on Indiehackers
    Indiehackers profile created! First stages of the website is done. The core is all there, the domain is registered and the SendInBlue account with sig
  • First paid customer
    It's been more than a month since I've launched a paid subscription plan, and now I finally have my first customer. It's really hard to analyze what I
  • First Q&A in major tech publication: Crunchbase
    We are in Crunchbase today ! They did a Q&A with me on the entrepreneurial journey and how Monadd is taking the pain out of moving: https://about.crun
  • Launch on ProductHunt Today! 🎉
    Since the feedback is quite good after launching on IH and subreddit, I decide to launch 3sName on Product Hunt. I don’t aim high to be the top produc
  • MVP in progress
    I've nearly completed work on the simple initial prototype for DataPaste which has given me an idea of how I'll approach the full development of the a
  • 10 artworks & 50 mini visuals
    - The Gumroad store now has 10 unique and minimal artworks - Shared my 50th consecutive minimal visualisation on Twitter - Started sharing my work on