October 27, 2019

Shared my project with /r/design_critiques


I launched my site to www.forapiece.com. It doesn't have https yet but it's close and I don't expect people to pay to list their project yet so I just launched it ahead of time. This is to start getting real data into the site and get design feedback for improvement.

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    You might be aware but just in case it doesn't display to well on mobile unfortunately. The text overlaps the white box.

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      I'm torn by this. I see the problem as well but I'm not sure if I should spend time fixing this.. The reason behind this is the idea of how do I expect my users to interact with the site. As a job board, I expect users to be filling details on their laptops and not through mobile. However, this is just my expectation and hypothesis. If I continue getting more comments about breaking mobile fields, I could address it than.

      Thank you for taking a look :)

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        I'm not sure you can assume people will be using PC over mobile nowadays. I believe mobile traffic has increased over PC which is now one of the reasons why Google now base their indexes on mobile site content over desktop site. I think a lot of people might just browse the job board while their sitting in front of their TV, even if its just to bookmark them and look at the proplery/apply on their PC device.

        It might be worth adding Google Analytics or equivalent if you haven't already and you'll be able to see mobile vs desktop traffic.


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          I had a spike of about ~100 users after I posted my updates on indiehackers/entrepeneur subreddits. Based on these users, the traffic was mobile heavy, close to 90%. You're right in that mobile traffic is definitely increased over PC and there is a need for that.

          Some questions that arise from this is,
          (?) Benefits in easy bookmarks buttons for each job
          (?) Will Ad traffic be more mobile vs desktop based
          (?) How much time will it take for me to make the site responsive :|

          Thanks for following up, definitely got me more thinking and more todo tasks haha

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            No problem glad to help :)

            • Not sure you need to add a specific button to add a bookmark to your page, most browsers are fairly simple at adding bookmarks so I would think that would be enough.

            • Not sure on the ads, I guess if more people are generally browsing from their mobile, and they see your ad, then its more likely that ads from mobile will drive more traffic to your site.

            • It depends on what frontend you're using. It looks like though you are already using something that deals with responsive web design as your menu shrinks down to the hamburger menu when the window gets too small. I've used bootstrap (all I know) and can usually get a site to display properly on all screen sizes within a couple of days although sometimes can be a bigger a pain depending on the layout.

            Maybe instead of having white boxes containing the job, make the white box full width for mobile and maybe reduce the job title font size.

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    i think a good way to promote some fresh product/website/service is to create a nice tech story at hackernoon.com will advice you to do it

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      That's a good idea to share my stack and where I'm hosting/domain. What kind of engagement are you seeing?

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        sharing a stack is a great idea. i did it as well - because a lot of people asking about it - so you can solve a question by sharing one link