October 21, 2019

T-1 week until MVP launch


How did I come up with T-1 week? I just made that up. There still a lot of features missing and things I'd like to add and spruce up, but I waited long enough. After I get some data in from API feeds I've been eyeing on, I'll launch my MVP. The hope is to launch some new features or update existing UI couple times a month.

The backstory is I'm working for a startup that just got some funding. It's cool to be part of a team that gets an injection to catapult momentum. The only thing is, equity wasn't part of the deal. I get paid hourly. It would've been cool to be part of this small startup with equity, but at the same time, the work I do for the team is really fun and engaging.

I want to connect people with companies willing to give equity as part of their compensation, no matter Full or Part-time.

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