November 3, 2019

Week 2 update



  • Add Github Scrap
  • Responsive layout for Mobile
  • Add job location to Job cards
  • Add Admin to create Job listings
  • Add Angel List
  • Company Page / List all company jobs


I need to focus on needle improving activities instead of staying productive. I've deployed 7 times this week but the most important code were adding GA, fix mobile responsive, and 2 websites listings.

As a solo-prener, I'm realizing I can't just code (although this is a very fun part for me), but need to also block time for marketing activities. I'm thinking close to 50/50 in my mind. Deploying 7 times didn't move the needle of increasing my daily users.

This upcoming week, I'm going to work on fewer product tickets and focus more on marketing on the web to get more traffic.