November 11, 2019

Week 3 update


This is the 3rd update for For A Piece, a job board to connect you to companies providing equity as a part of compensation. As more people are interested in startups and working on the "next cool thing", they should feel like they can grow long term with the company.


  • Added 2 more additional job board
  • Added Header explaining that these are companies providing equity as part of the compensation to make it more clear what the site is about
  • Add ElasticSearch for searching. It's important for people to be able to search ruby, python, etc specific to their interest.
  • Added schedule 1 post per day (marketing).


  • I need to constantly have new job postings every day for people to come back.

  • Keeping track of analytics.

    • For each Twitter post, it's bringing about 2 - 3 new viewers (using
    • Through posts from my IndieHacker / Reddit, it brings about 80 new users each the 1st post and greatly falls off after each day. I'm thinking I should continue posting each week and commenting and engaging the community throughout.
    • I need to start reaching out to company's if they're interested in a job posting and share the benefits.

Nov Goal:

  • 100 daily users.
  • 5 paying customer

What I'm looking for

  • Connections to HR who can make a decision on buying ads.
  • Word of mouth to the For A Piece job board.
  • I'm open to suggestions on how I can improve/make things easier for you
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Today's Top Milestones
  • Celebrating 2nd anniversary 🎉
    Like almost every morning, I’ve browsed through social media and I encountered on twitter reminder. Our small side project Owwly
  • Finalized Sketch Mocks
    For almost three weeks I drew a mock app on sketch to see the extent of such a program. In previous projects I always made the mistake to start writin