November 18, 2019

Week 4 update


Elevator Pitch: We connect tech employees to remote companies that give equity as part of compensation.


  • Add Heroku Scheduler to run scrapper every morning instead of triggering it manually
  • Tracking remote listing source
  • Turn Stripe Production on
  • Users can upload logo using Google Clouds
  • Daily Twitter posts scheduled on Sunday


  • I need to automate as many things I can. As a solo founder, I get to push each day further by not having to do 1 less thing
    ** This came about because I would run the scrapper, but I would sometimes forget to run this if I’m traveling or on the weekend. This motivated me to find a solution. It was Heroku Scheduler (free plugin but tiered)
  • Scheduling time for Marketing specific task has helped me to spend more time promoting my site instead of solely focusing on the next feature.

Nov Goal

  • 300 total unique visits.
  • 5 paying customer
    Results So Far
  • 45 total unique visits
  • 0 paying customer

What I’m looking for

  • Pointers on how to reach out to HR or Co-founders about posting jobs on the board. What is the best way to get them to pay?
  • My first paying customer. I’m currently giving 3 additional months for any tier you purchase.
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  • 22 e-mail subscriptions.
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  • 25 Subscribers
    One of my tweets gained some good engagement resulting in almost 100 new Twitter followers and 10 new subscribers to my personal finance newsletter in
  • HighJackar v2
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  • Published first blog article
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  • Prezcall launch
    Today we have started Prezcall and waiting for new customers! We have launched the application allowing for presentations sharing. We have also launch