November 25, 2019

Week 5 Update


Elevator Pitch: We connect tech employees to remote companies that give equity as part of compensation.


Fix html loading before css issue
Add subscription to track Stripe
Pivoting target audience for job board.
Daily Twitter posts scheduled on Sunday
Posted UI/UX designer job to redesign my site. The goal is to improve the overall design and experience of the site

Began thinking why someone would come to my site if geographically the jobs don’t make sense for them to apply. This turned into only posting jobs that are remote. Then, I wanted to focus on only one group that are used to remote jobs and would like one. Programmers
I’m really scared to reach out to companies as I don’t know what they’re thinking of. However, after
Nov Current / Goal

90 / 300 total unique visits
0 / 5 paying customer Results
What I’m looking for

Pointers on how to reach out to HR or Co-founders about posting jobs on the board. What is the best way to get them to pay?
My first paying customer. I’m currently giving 3 additional months for any tier you purchase.

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