December 3, 2019

Week 6 Update


Elevator Pitch: We connect tech employees to remote companies that give equity as part of compensation.

• Wrote a blog post about Rails 5 and Stripe Elements integration and tutorial. Hoping this leads to SEO improvements
• In November I focused on product development. Making sure I get new listings each day and making the site so it’s performant and easy to navigate. Now in December, I’m going to heavily focus on marketing and SEO work for the site through blog posts, commenting/ answering questions, and finally man up to post in /r/entrepenur and /r/startups

• Companies want me to increase my views and visits on the site before they pay for a job. In order to generate more views I need to share and do more frequent posts, SEO work to get ranked in Google, blogs, or even answering questions through Quora

Nov Results/ Nov Goal
• 149 / 300 total unique visits
• 0 / 5 paying customer Results

December Goals
• 0 / 500 total unique visits
• 0 / 1 paying customer Results

What I’m looking for
• My first paying customer. I’m currently giving 3 additional months for any tier you purchase.
• I need to increase my backlinks.

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