December 29, 2019

End of 2019 Update, Open Climate Data

Oli Hall @SuchIndieHackMuchWow

I've been a bit remiss in keeping things updated here - it's been a busy few months! Forge the Future has been steadily growing, and now has over 350 entries. In addition, the newsletter has been steadily growing, and after 30 issues and many thousands of words, I'm over 110 subscribers! Small change perhaps compared to some here, but given the subject matter and minimal promotion I've given it, I'm pretty happy so far - it's growing mostly organically, and I'm consistently getting positive feedback, which is extremely gratifying.

Most of my time has been consumed with finding other ways to make a sustainable living out of climate-focused tech work, which (unsurprisingly perhaps) is easier said than done. I've spent a lot of time brainstorming with others on ways to help more people contribute to the climate movement, as there are many willing people, but few easy-to-tackle projects out there. I'm looking to build and open-source some tools to both enable others to build their own projects more easily, as well as give avenues for people to help contribute to FtF itself. I may even be able to make a bit of money from it at some point down the line, which'd be nice - doing everything for free is great, but at some point I'll run out of money!

To that end, I'm working on bringing open climate data into Forge the Future, to help others discover what data is out there, and build upon it. It's early days, but I hope to have something in the near future. Stay tuned!

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