January 9, 2020

Tweaked the idea and re-visited the prototype

Rob Chandler @robwebdev

Quite some time had passed since the initial idea but a conversation with @willdogg bought it back to the forefront of my mind. I realised that the offering of printing code snippets on merch was quite narrow so I explored ways to open it up. At this point I tweaked the idea so that rather than code itself being printed on the merch, code would be used to render the designs for the merch. This means that people with HTML & CSS skills could put them to use and design cool t-shirts and other merchandise. The designs being stored as code meant that they could easily be forked by other people. It seemed like a novel and quirky approach to a drop shipping t-shirt business. I created a new prototype reflecting this and shared with @willdogg. We teamed up and started developing the idea a bit more, with @willdogg starting to put some initial designs together.

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