November 29, 2019

Day #1 – the kickoff & an introduction

Topher @toadally

I’ve been toying with building a new saas project for a while, and been putting it off for [reasons] for a while now.

Back in the spring I setup a small static site and needed to add a form to it. You’ve all felt that pain, right? You either paste in some horrifying code from a 3rd party service, or spend the time to setup form handling. Neither of which is a fun task, and both have signifiant drawbacks.

I found myself wanting a form service that would just take whatever I give it, and handle it as it’s told, store the results, and send me an email when a submit happens. Tall order, right? It shouldn’t be.

So that’s where the idea for FormCaster came from. It didn’t have a name until about 15 minutes ago, just an idea.

I decided today to dig in and get this thing built, but then looking at my schedule I had so many reasons to put it off, or why it wouldn’t work. But really, it’s jut about making the time right?

The rest of this post and the video are here:

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