December 9, 2019

Day #13 – pricing flow change, copy, first deploy

Topher @toadally

I started out the day by improving the signup and pricing flow. Originally a user could only start paying for a plan after signing up for the free plan, and then upgrading. This seems like an immediately limiting flow.

So I added a second flow for paid signups where the payment & billing are immediately presented on the paid option. This should help monetization by making the paid plan less of an after thought to the users.

After that I finished up the copy on the home page. Nothing terribly existing, just a basic intro and feature set. Content marketing will be the primary method of acquiring users, so I’m less focused on the homepage sales factor – that, and the service is very straight forward.

I briefly messed with Greenlock-Express for FormCaster. It’s a dead simple way to use Let’s Encrypt SSL. I went to drop it straight in, but after taking a peak at the newest version I realized I needed to actual dig in and see exactly how it works before deploying it, so I rolled back and have put that on the deck for later this week.

I rounded out the day by deploying to DigitalOcean. That’s where I’l be running the app, as I do with nearly all the MVPs & early SaaS products I build. DO has the fastest and easiest to use dash of any of the cloud / vps providers, so I stick with them early on.

By now you know the drill – come join the Facebook group for discussion or questions.