December 10, 2019

Day #14 – ssl, greenlock rocks, site

Topher @toadally

Fairly productive day today, even if it was short.

I popped back to getting the SSL installed, and as noted yesterday, went with Let’s Encrypt via Greenlock-Express. I went this route because I’m familiar with Greenlock-Express and it’s easy to use. The platform may also need SSL on subdomains in the future, so this solution keeps the door open to effortlessly adding those subdomains later.

If you have a SaaS and use subdomains or custom domains for users, you should absolutely check out Greenlock & Greenlock-Express. It’s an exceptionally easy way to add SSL via Let’s Encrypt. Once installed it can provide a fully automated solution for the primary domain, user-added custom domains, and subdomains.

With SSL out of the way, the way was clear to make the site live. It’s up on now.

A word of caution if you’re checking it out; it’ll be down at my whim, and the database will be wiped when it goes to launch. But, do check it out if you’d like. It’ll need a coat of polish, and I’m sure there are a dozen things here and there that need adjusting, but it’s up!

Thoughts, comments, etc – hit up the group.

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