December 12, 2019

Day #16 - forms , fixedup result view, emails

Topher @toadally

Today I finished up the form rewrite. Most of it was done yesterday, but today I needed to adjust the file handling a bit and make sure fields were being properly marked for type, and on bad submit, correctly removed.

After that I sorted an issue with the form result view I had overlooked. IT seems that in all the mucking about replacing the form handing, I forgot to actually link upload result to the uploaded files.

After that I wrote all the emails the system will need to send. Wrote is a bit strong perhaps, as about half were adapted from emails I’ve written previously for other SaaS projects I run.

The new emails are short, focused, and pretty flexible, so I think I’ll probably take a beat tomorrow and turn them into a product for other SaaS users to use. They cover all the normal interactions of a typical SaaS, signup, free trial, plan upgrade, plan down grade, welcome drip, etc. I figure there is some real value there especially for solo SaaS founders, so I think putting them into a very inexpensive product would be helpful for a lot of people.

There are 15 emails, so I’m thinking probably a nice inexpensive number would be to charge $15 for them. Not sure, I’ll figure it out tomorrow.

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