December 1, 2019

Day #2 – Happy Thanksgiving! & front end work

Topher @toadally

Today is Thanksgiving, whooo! My beautiful wife prepared a fantastic meal for the fam (we have three kids), and we spent most of the day chill around the house. Games, time together, etc. You’d think that meant no time for dev.

Really though, I was able to get in a couple solid hours of dev. After mapping out the data structures yesterday today I started implementing the front-end and dashboard design and some general “about this saas” content.

On a project this size, I find it makes sense to build everything out as the user will be interacting, and then build out the server side to support it. Now, on a big multi developer project this simply wouldn’t be feasible but as I’m full-stack on this completely solo, it’s a huge time saver.

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