December 19, 2019

Day #22 – after it’s done?

Topher @toadally

With FormCaster in a perfectly launchable state with days to go, I have some time to think about what to do with this Four Week SaaS once the launch is done. The idea seems to have some traction and I’ve recieved a fair amount of feedback. Even managed to get at least a couple people cranking on their own ideas.

And that was the goal, really. Build something so others can see just how approachable building a small SaaS can be. And I believe that’s working, but four weeks? That’s fast, and early to kill something.

So I think after I launch FormCaster I’ll do another SaaS build, and try to engage a little more. More tech postings, a road map, maybe a live stream or two.

That means moving this site over to it’s own domain, getting a proper site + blog setup, and focusing on the Facebook Group. And that sounds like a full time thing to run; building a SaaS, maintaining that level of interaction, etc. So I’ll need to stretch builds out to be longer than four weeks, or maybe break them into an iterative process? Not sure there, just something to make this stay an evening hours kinda deal is a must.

FormCaster officially launches on the 25th (yay Christmas!). I’ll shoot to have the next SaaS project start on probably the 28th.

What do you think? Should we go again with another SaaS product?

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