December 20, 2019

Day #23 – launch strategy & pricing

Topher @toadally

It’s almost launch day, and with launch comes pricing.

FormCaster will have immediate MRR. We have several client sites using other form processing services (Wufoo etc). Those that aren’t on annual billing will be moved over immediately, and those that are will be moved over at the end of their subscriptions. Instant revenue. Not much, but a bit.

That’s a good start, but we still want to pull in more users – especially those using other solutions that re loaded with site-slowing cruft. We’ll try to add a handful at launch with a launch discount.

Standard pricing is $10/month for the pro plan, or $90/year. During launch, which is on December 25th, we’ll do a life-time subscription for $100. This seems like a solid balance of offer-value and price.

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