December 23, 2019

Day #24 & #25 – lifetime plan pricing & first bump

Topher @toadally

There is not a ton left to do on FormCaster before launch, so my goal this weekend was just to add a new temporary plan for launch pricing.

During launch I’m going to offer a lifetime option for the Pro plan @ $100 for life. Against $10/m or $90/year, I am hoping this provides a good amount of value.

On to the bump. I had expected to be able to simply add a new pricing option within Stripe and attach it to ServiceBot, but no such luck. ServiceBot doesn’t support products that are not recurring, and a lifetime subscription of course is a one time purchase.

Concerned I would have to add a entirely different payment path for Lifetime payments, I reached out to ServiceBot and they confirmed no support for one-time payments. They suggested the same idea of adding another path using Stripe checkout, which I was already reading. They suggested another idea as well, and that was to price it as a subscription, but then automatically apply a coupon after each sale with a discount value of 100% thus disabling the billing.

This is the route I ultimately opted for. It’ not ideal. On the front end I needed to hide parts of the ServiceBot payment form with CSS, and on the back-end of the platform now has to update the Stripe user after payment and apply a lifetime coupon with a 100% discount. So not ideal at all.

The upside is it works, and I didn’t need to implement a whole new payment pathway. I should also note that ServiceBot said that single-payment products was on their roadmap. No indication of where on the roadmap, but knowing that they are aware and intend to add it is exciting.

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