December 24, 2019

Day #26 – Four Week SaaS becomes SaaS Crew!🎄

Topher @toadally

Two days from launch of FormCaster, yay! Pretty stoked about that. As I wrap up the first Four Week SaaS, it’ll officially be the last – because I’m changing the project into a more community focused endevour, and going again.

The Four Week SaaS will, on Dec 26th, officially become SaaS Crew. On Dec 28th, the next project will start.

What does this mean for FormCaster? Nothing intersting, really. FormCaster will be post launch, which means developing a road map and setting up proper support channels. That means my time on it will shift to incremental improvement & customer support rather sprinting, with some marketing thrown in. I’m expecting a time slip something like 50/30/20.

What is SaaS Crew? It’s the same basic idea as Four Week SaaS, but ongoing, and with more community involvement. I’ll start the next project on Dec 28th, and begin grouping projects into Seasons for organizational reasons. Projects will also not be limited to four weeks. Some may be shorter and others longer. This will allow a much wider range of projects to be under taken.

I’m really hopeful that I can get the community building on their own projects too, discussing how their projects are going, and so on. Not just for building though. Running a SaaS is a complex and multi-faceted endeavour, and it’s my hope we can discuss and help each other grow across disciplines.

If you want to follow along with the next season, or even start building, come join the community. Next Season starts Dec 28th and FormCaster launches on Dec 25th!