December 25, 2019

Day #28 -🎄🎅❄ is launched! 🎅❄🎄

Topher @toadally

While not exactly a blood, sweat, tears endeavor, this was a super fun project to build and to get the community evolved in.
A special launch offer for a lifetime Pro access is going on for a brief period at just $99 – for lifetime access. Pro access is normally $10/m so this is your chance to take advantage some huge savings.

FormCaster will be getting a long-term road map within the next couple weeks. I’m pretty stoked to be using this in house already. I’ll be migrating the rest of the sites off Gravity Forms, Wufoo, etc this week and next.

ProductHunt promotion is tomorrow, and I’ll make posts on a few other sites. This is a zero-budget project, so no paid listings (such as Betalist), no Google ads, no Facebook ads, etc.

A big thank you to everyone who followed along and supported this fun community project. We’ll be transitioning The Four Week SaaS into SaaS Crew tomorrow, and the next build will start on Dec 28th.