December 1, 2019

Day #5 – forms, handling, settings, and plans

Topher @toadally

Today was heavy on progress.

I finished implementing the form processing, save file uploads. Forms are now received, verified, and stored as would be expected. Each incoming submission is stored as a submission, and each field stored individually with a key for the submission it belongs to, and the submission is keyed to the form. What this structure lacks in speed and general performance is made up for with it’s completely flexibility.

With forms & handling done (ish), I completed the view on the dash for retrieving and viewing submissions. Pagination of results is not yet implemented, but is a trivial thing to add.

I grew the scope a little bit today too, adding the ability to set submission limits, form count limits, custom redirects, and the ability to set a response message for each form. These features are tied to what will eventually be defined plans.

These new features have been implemented in both the settings and results views, as well as in the form processing. I’ll now be able to tie account limits and features to any number of plans simply by passing data back from Stripe.

Speaking of Stripe, let’s talk about payments & plans.

The rest of this post and a screenshot is on the blog:

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