December 5, 2019

Day #9 – platform administration added

Topher @toadally

Implemented the administrative section of the platform today. This allows management of users, their forms, and so on.

The main dash area also gives an overview of the platform’s user base and overall health by way of statistics for paid users, form count, submissions. There is not a lot of administrative actions needed here, but being able to verify each form, and it’s settings, from the dash will make troubleshooting issues easier.

That just about wraps up the real dev work on the platform. Tomorrow I’ll start by tidying up the content on the admin areas. After that I’ll probably write the copy for the home page, and finally if I have time I’ll start adding a page creator & editor.

Having a page editor, probably using Quill for the text editor, will make adding pages for content marketing / help much easier than manually adding views & routes.

Thoughts? Questions? Put them here.

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