December 26, 2019

Live on ProductHunt

Topher @toadally

FormCaster went live on ProductHunt today.

Excited to see how that pans out. Haven't done a real push to launch on PH in ~ 5 years, I'm sure it's changed a ton. I'll share the dash results after the day runs it's course.

Checkout FormCaster on PH !

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    Upvoted, good luck!

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    Nice work, Topher. Love the simplicity with a clear value proposition. Upvoted on PH.

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      Thank you!

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    Definitely saw a similar need when implementing sign-up forms in static landing pages. Ended up writing a re-usable backend with reCAPTCHA v3 spam filter. How are you fighting spammy submissions?

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      Yeah, I was tired of doing that, 100%, scratch my itch I suppose. Pretty much doing the same as you, recaptcha 3, rate limiting, and tagging entries that look spammy for use in learning if it's ever reasonable to build a full filter myself.

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    Congratulations on your PH launch! 🚀

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      Thanks @Zwenza :)

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    Congratulations on launching! I've got you queued up on for a feature as well :)

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      Thanks! Appreciate it :)

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    Curious what differentiates this from the 5+ other services doing the exact same thing?