July 12, 2020

Released ready to use widget

Irfan Gumelar @mig13

Documentation widgets with contact form

Hooray!! We released our two first ready to use widgets, to be specific, contact form widget and documentation widget with contact form. Initially, these widgets built to capture support requests for Formcubes' website, but then I decided to release these widgets for our users.

With these widgets, our users can save their time by just embedding our widgets to their website instead of building their own form UI. They can use it to capture leads, support requests, or gathering data in general.

As these widgets will be embedded on our users' websites, I really put customizability in mind. Users are able to customize the widgets to match their brand identity and needs. They can change the accent color, font style, text labels, and form fields.

As I love widgets, I'm planning to build more widgets. But after I assess I what widget to build next.

You can check it out here :
Contact form widget: https://formcubes.com/widget/contact-form-widget/

Documentation widget with contact form: https://formcubes.com/widget/contact-form-with-documentation-widget/

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