November 18, 2019


Kyle @soso

I've been working on Fosh ( irregularly for a couple of months now. I've gotten to the point where I'm comfortable sharing it even though I feel like I've still got such a long way to go. The base platform is here though and think for some it probably has all of the features they're looking for.

First I should probably answer: what is Fosh?

Fosh is a platform where literally anybody can create a webpage for their business. I've designed to be as simple as possible (modeled off something we all know... the word document).

That page can have an appointment booking widget embedded in it that allows clients to book you of course. Clients that book an appointment are saved to your dashboard where you can manage both the client themselves and all of their appointments.

So far that's pretty much it, but I guess that's what MVP's are all about?

On the roadmap:

  • Blocking off portions of the day to match your schedule
  • Improved, customizable, and externally embeddable booking form
  • Custom domains
  • Stripe payment processing
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