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Created by and for developers, helps connect developers with the best jobs worldwide.

April 30, 2021 Dofollow Link for companies with jobs

From now on, all companies with active jobs get a Dofollow link on their company profile.

Also, the latest registered companies are listed with their logo and a link to their company profile on the information page for companies:

April 19, 2021 Apply to jobs using external URLs or emails

Now it is possible to add an email or external URL for developers to apply to jobs outside

This is a feature some companies have been requiring lately, since they would like to publish the jobs on the board, but manage the applications with some other external software or email.

Example: ("Apply" button on the bottom)

April 15, 2021 Invitation needed

To assure a certain quality level, developers and companies can only register by being invited.

I am hand-picking the best developers and companies I see, and only letting in the ones I think are good enough.

If you want an invite, contact me and let me know about you!

April 8, 2021 Added new functions

I have been actively working on the website the last days in order to add some features that have been requested by some users.

April 5, 2021 Sign up with LinkedIn

This weekend I have been adding the ability to sign in with LinkedIn function.

It was a bit more way complicated than expected due to the fact that I first have to make the user select which type of profile is wanted: developer or company.

Furthermore, there was some problem with my LinkedIn App that was making impossible to retrieve the profile picture of the user. Now it is solved and working.

Everybody can join in:

March 27, 2021 Launched on Indie Hackers

After finishing the long list of To-Do's that I received from the testers, I have decided not to wait any more and make it public.

I have to confess that the answers that that post I wrote helped me with the decision:

March 5, 2021 Started testing with outsider testers

By the end of February, I decided the product was ready to be tested from other persons than me. So, I asked a few developers and friends to test and give me their feedback.

The list of To-Do's is bigger than expected. Even though I have been testing myself the whole time, I just oversaw so many things...

December 2019 Came up with my idea

On my daily job, I often need to search for developers. There are many platforms for that out there, but I wasn't happy with any of them: they were all too expensive or too complicated.

I had been looking for months for an idea for a new side project, so I decided to build my one website for searching jobs and developers.

Created by and for developers, helps connect developers with the best jobs worldwide.