March 6, 2020

Hopefully the 3rd soft pivot will be the last :)

Kunal @memn0nis

We've been releasing products in the customer success and support spaces for the past few months.

In early January, we released, which let you see all visitors to your website or web app and video and text chat with them in app. We got a few customers but very low usage.

In early February, we released, which let you send and receive texts and calls directly from Slack. FounderPhone is going decently well and is at a couple hundred MRR with ~10 happy customers, but we realized there was a larger pain point in companies who communicate with their customers through Slack.

So, we just launched, which helps companies who want to provide support and communicate with customers through Slack. We've built a ticketing system on top of Slack so you can manage open issues, automatically follow up with customers, and manage SLAs.

We have a lot more to build on our roadmap but the MVP is out, and we're working with a few initial customers to design a great experience in Slack. Hoping this one takes off!

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