Released version 1.3

This version adds several changes that make FreelanceStation easier to use and includes some changes requested by users.

  • New: Add time to any task manually.
  • New: An onboarding window will appear when first running the application to help new users setup FreelanceStation.
  • New: Invoices can now be deleted.
  • New: Idle detection. Automatically stops the timer after a configured threshold, and resumes when activity is detected.
  • Changed: Task durations now support duration in minutes.
  • Changed: Labour unit name in documents can now be modified to other than “Hour”.
  • Fixed: A crash that occurred when deleting the last activity while the Summary view was selected.
  • Fixed: An issue with automatic timer start/stop when receiving wake, sleep, lock and unlock events.
  • Fixed: Minor UI bugs.

The feature backlog is still long, but I’ll slowly implement all them missing functionality in the following release. :)

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