July 8, 2020

+25% MRR, Stability Issues and Employee No. 1

Stefan Vetter @StefanVetter

More revenue, problems with the stability and an addition to the team – that moved us at Friendly in June:

πŸ’΅ MRR / monthly recurring revenue: $1,638 (+25%). We acquired seven new customers in June and two customers switched to a larger subscription.
πŸ‘© Website visits: 2,106 (-34%). In May we reduced paid advertising (Google Ads Search) to focus more on content marketing. As this is a long-term measure, traffic has initially fallen.
πŸ”¨ Stability issues, massive investment in server infrastructure.
🀝 It’s the first time in my life I’ve hired someone – welcome to the team, Joey!

Read more: https://friendly.is/june-2020

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