August 9, 2020

Ethical Marketing Tools – The 🙂Friendly Manifesto

Stefan Vetter @StefanVetter

Friendly offers “ethical marketing tools” for small and medium-sized companies.

We recently sat down to define what this term means to us. This definition became our 📃 manifesto. Here it is:


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    Google Apps?
    Amazon SES?

    Why is there a trend of people putting out these manifestos if they use the most invasive tech for their own websites anyway. Between Google/Amazon/CloudFlare - You are only missing Microsoft and Facebook and you got the big 5 tech giants.

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        Do as we say not as we do?

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          You are right, we have to get better. Our goal is to do completely without Big Tech ourselves. It is just not that easy. We take steps.

          Regarding the tools you mentioned:

          In the beginning we used MailChimp and then switched to Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) in Ireland (EU) for sending emails. We want to have our own email sending infrastructure eventually.

          We use G Suite for our company email. It's hard to find a good replacement for it that is privacy friendly and that capable. Do you know any?

          From Cloudflare we only use the DNS, not the CDN. Therefore, this should have no impact on the privacy of our visitors?

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    This is great! I hope "ethical marketing" will one day become the only kind of marketing there is. A girl can dream, right?

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      Thank you, Ana. Yes, you can dream, and you can act accordingly :) "Be the change you want to see."

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    I appreciate this. As an ethical marketer who’s always trying to find ways to “use my powers for good and not evil”, I’ll be taking a look at your tools. Thanks for sharing.

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      Thank you so much, Michael!

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    Love it! I don't know why more people don't write manifestos for their startups. Here's mine:

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      My guess is that people don't care about it. They just want a great product at an affordable price, not someone telling a story to convince them to buy products they don't need (I mean this in general, not about your specific case).

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        a lot of people cared about hey's manifesto. It shows that the product is not another copy of a big player in the market.

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          Depends on your target audience, I usually heard the non-technical people care about hey's manifesto. Those who saw through the buzzwords and understood what the product really does realized that's just a simplified UI for email, that still doesn't solve a lot of the core issue that they are mentioning.

          I didn't like or care about hey's manifesto. Personally, when I buy a new product, it's all about the product itself or the trust I have in the company, not their marketing talks and buzzwords. I really dislike for example the way Apple markets their new devices: "the most powerful Apple (insert device name) ever created!". It's not like anyone expects a new product to be worse than a previous one, but people still get sold by those kind of marketing words.

          But I do agree, manifesto's and any other marketing talk can always help with specific audiences, especially if you nail the message.

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